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David's father, Dr Michael Ash, researching the link between radioactivity and cancer, introduced David to atomic physics at age six. David was sixteen when he discovered mass is vortex energy in Yogic philosophy. Vortex of Energy is the latest update of this largely unrecognized work. David Ash is currently a nominee for the Templeton Prize.

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Latest Publication: Sense in Science

Sense About Science represents scepticism a system of belief based on a ‘scientific criterion of truth’, which in itself is questionable. Everyone has a right to their beliefs but they do not have a right to impose their beliefs on others and the problem with believers is they tend to think they are right and every one else is wrong. They become offronted by people who have a world view different from their own. Fundamentalist believers believe with absolute certainty they have the truth and others who do not go along with that truth should be silenced. Unfortunately many skeptics appear to fall into this category with their implacable faith in the so called ‘scientific ctiterion for truth.’